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Goodify - Privacy and Terms of Use

Table of contents

  • Definitions

  • Goodify’s purpose

  • Privacy Policy

    • Collection of personal information and authentication

    • Storing user information

    • What the information is used for

    • Who can access the information

    • Management of own information

  • Terms of Use

    • User

    • Content production

    • Damage and destruction

    • Payment and tax

    • Features on mobile device

    • Users under 16 years of age

    • Termination of user account or termination of services

    • Limitation of liability

    • Amendments

    • Rights of Service Provider

    • Links to other websites

    • Governing Law

  • Contact Goodify


Goodify: Goodify AS (org. No. 919 277 505) is an ideal, non-profit corporation whose main purpose is to engage people for voluntary efforts, so that we together can meet various social needs that exist in our society. Goodify can also be referred to as a Service Provider.

The Service: Goodify is a platform that connects those who are in need from time to time (“the recipient of assistance”) with those who want to do good deeds (the “helper”) for others. Through the Goodify platform, users can request help themselves and get in touch with people nearby who are willing to help. The helper should never claim payment for the assignment, it is completed purely on a voluntary basis. The recipient of assistance should never offer to pay the helper for their contribution. The recipient of assistance is always responsible for assessing whether the helper is capable of performing the task in a safe, secure and otherwise satisfactory manner. The helper is always responsible for assessing whether it is safe, secure and otherwise justifiable to provide assistance to the recipient of assistance. Before a user can ask for help, or offer to help others, the user is verified by entering a mobile number, receiving a multi-digit code on SMS and then entering them correctly into the app. In addition, Goodify or Goodify's affiliates do not verify users. Where the person in need of assistance accepts offers of help from a helper, a chat function is created where the parties can arrange a time and place for the execution of the assignment / help. When completed, the parties will be given the opportunity to rank each other according to how appropriate they think the service / assistance was (positive or negative, with the accompanying comment).

App: The service is offered to Users in the form of an App for Mobile Device and is aimed at iOS and Android operating systems.

User: These are those who use the Service. These are primarily personal users, but may also be other types of users, such as associations, organizations, foundations, companies or the like, who post needs on their behalf or others in need of assistance, either individually or collectively. It should be clear from the user profile if there are no personal users.

Party: These are the users who have used the Service to enter into an agreement to help each other, and they are then referred to as the Party / Parties / Parties to the transaction / Service being executed.

Purpose of Goodify

Goodify wants to establish a movement for good deeds. We know there are many people who require help from time to time, help that the government or other organisations cannot cover. At the same time, we know that many people want to do something good for others, if the threshold for helping is lowered and there is no further commitment. By connecting these together through an adapted digital platform we can together create a closer society where we care for each other and give a helping hand to those who need it.

We believe that everyone has something to contribute. Goodify is for everyone, but not for professional organisations offering the service on a commercial basis.

Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information and authentication

The Goodify service is built on trust. It is very important to us that Users feel safe to use the Service and we will therefore protect your privacy within the rules that apply at all times. We respect your privacy and all processing of personal data is in accordance with Norwegian privacy law. Goodify's personal data processing procedures are safe and the information is kept in a proper manner so that it is not used unlawfully or unauthorized and to safeguard the privacy, confidentiality and accessibility requirements of the Personal Data Act.

Service provider, here Goodify, is responsible for processing the data. By using the Service, including registering a user profile on Goodify, you accept and authorize the Service Provider to process your personal information as described below. Our processing of your personal data is therefore based on your consent, cf. GDPR art. 6 no. 1, unless otherwise stated. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Goodify.

The Service Provider will process your personal information to provide services to you as well as to improve and further develop our services. We also process personal information to limit abuse of the service. Personal information collected for this purpose is information that you provide yourself during registration and use.

Personal information is information that can be linked to you as an individual.

Processing of personal data is any use of personal data (collection, registration, compilation, storage, disclosure, or a combination of these).

We register personal information about you when you create a user profile and when using the service. In addition, we will store information when you contact us by email. The user has the opportunity to enter information into the service themselves, while at the same time, Goodify can also look up relevant data registers to retrieve relevant information about the user to provide the service (e.g. by verifying the user via SMS).

Storing user information

The following user-related information may be stored in the Service:

  • Mobile Number. This is used as the Identification and Verification method in the Service and is directly linked to the App on the User's mobile device(s).

  • Personal information. Residential address or location using the service is stored in order to associate the user with a specific or approximate location. This is so that assignments / helpers that are made available in the service are nearby, which is crucial data for the purpose of the service. In addition, e-mail, date of birth, picture and brief description of the user can be stored in the system. The user can choose to remain anonymous when a question about help is published, where only first name and approximate position are displayed until a specific helper is selected (then full name, profile picture and address).

  • Pictures. Users upload images to the system, voluntarily, on their own discretion. Images will be stored in the Service, but stripped of metadata. Images will be stored and processed in accordance to Norwegian privacy law.

  • Personal settings. The User can choose what settings are active for the App (such as notification settings) and change how much information about themselves they want to share through the Service.

  • Content. This is text that the User generates when using the Service (such as requests, offers, general communication / chat with other users and evaluation of other users).

  • Use of App. The Service may record how Users use the Service, including which pages are accessed and communication with other Users.

  • Technology. When used, technical information can be recorded about the mobile device (such as device type and operating system).

What the information is used for

  • Create a good and efficient service. The main purpose of the user information is to facilitate a good and efficient Service that connects Users in need of help with Users who want to do a good deed.

  • Correct use in accordance with the purpose. The Goodify platform is no arena for selling goods or services. The platform shall not be used for requests for monetary contributions or goods of greater value, and it is not for use by commercial operators. The service will promote good deeds and Goodify will use information to guide Users, as well as remove assignments that are not in line with the purpose, or assignments / chats that may appear offensive or inappropriate.

  • Continuous improvement of the Service. The information stored about the user will be used to improve the Service, both to find errors and to improve the customer experience. Goodify has the right to contact the user for the purpose of improving the Service, for example in the form of surveys. Participation in such surveys is completely voluntary.

  • Analyze the market and understand trends. Aggregate level statistics and segments such as demographics and geography can be used to analyze usage patterns and how activity and trends develop.

  • Customized offer. Goodify may offer ads, recommendations or advertisements based on usage patterns or based on the user's customer segment. The user will have access to functionality in the App to turn off this type of communication.

  • Prevent junk activity. Goodify monitors the activity in the solution and may respond to suspicious or inappropriate use, identified through usage patterns or through reporting from other Users. Goodify may exclude Users who misuse the Service, including posting inappropriate, offensive or suspicious content.

Who can access the information

  • Other users of Goodify may be presented with information such as profile picture, name, age, brief description of user, evaluations of previous assignments (both as helper or recipient of help) and their approximate location / place of residence, or exact address from other users’ profile, and what authentication level they have. Where User chooses to remain anonymous, other Users of Goodify will not see their last name or photo until a helper is selected to resolve the specific request. The exact location will only be made available to the helper once the provider has accepted their offer as a helper.

  • Third-party vendors will receive the information needed to authenticate a user, or to look up data records.

  • At the direct request of public agencies (eg Police, the Tax Administration) - where these are legally bound to require information from the Service - Goodify will provide information to these agencies upon their request.

  • Goodify may release data for research-related purposes. Details about individuals should be anonymized or data provided at aggregate level.

  • Goodify may use a data processor to process personal data on our behalf. Data Processors that receive personal information will be subject to a duty of confidentiality and cannot use this information in any way other than in the performance of the Goodify service.

Service Provider will not share, sell, disseminate or otherwise disclose personal information about you other than as set forth in this chapter, unless we have obtained consent or is required to do so as a result of a binding court decision.

Management of own information

  • For Users who do not enter their own address, the Service can provide an approximate location the User can accept. Address / location can be changed via settings in the User profile.

  • To delete your user, you must contact Goodify. The user will then be deleted from Goodify, but collected data may be stored for up to six months to meet the information needs of other users or public authorities, however, no longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing.

  • You have the right to demand access, rectification or deletion of the personal data we process about you. You also have the right to demand limited processing, object to the processing being done on your data by Goodify and demand the right to data portability. You can read more about the content of these rights on the Norwegian Data Protection Agency's website.

  • If you believe that Goodify is in violation of this Privacy Statement or in violation of applicable law, we would like to hear from you. You also have the opportunity to raise a possible complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Agency.

Terms of Use

Please read the Goodify Terms of Service (the "Terms of Use") before using the site under the domain or the Goodify app.

Goodify AS (org. no. 919 277 505) has its address; Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 Oslo.

Your access to and use of Goodify is subject to your acceptance of these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use apply to all visitors, users and others who have access to the Service Provider.

If you have any questions about these Terms or otherwise, please contact us at


  • The user must always provide complete and correct personal information. The User shall not appear with a name other than his or her own in Goodify and is responsible for the information provided being true and accurate at all times. By creating a user profile, you agree that Goodify may collect, use and store such information.

  • Except for persons or businesses that are expressly authorized to create a mission / account on behalf of others, or a group of people (eg nursing homes, but also others who will create an assignment "on behalf of their mother"), Goodify does not allow that you create a mission / account for someone other than yourself and you agree that you will not do so.

  • User may not register a username with the intention of it being confused with another username, or which may otherwise be offensive, vulgar or obscene.

  • Passwords associated with your profile are strictly personal and you are responsible for making this unavailable to others.

  • User is not obliged to upload profile picture. However, it is recommended to upload an image, as this may make it easier to receive responses to their inquiries when others see who you are. User shall not appear with any image other than themselves in Goodify.

  • The user must enter the address / location of the mission. This is done so Helpers know where the assistance is to be performed.

  • A user can choose to request help anonymously, where the last name and profile picture will be hidden until the user has chosen a specific helper. An approximate location will still appear for the helper. Upon acceptance of a helper, the helper will be informed where the person is located, where others who have offered help will not receive this information.

  • Goodify has the right to delete or deactivate assignments or users at its sole discretion and without claiming any compensation.

  • The helper should never claim payment for the assignment and thus contribute on a purely voluntary basis. The recipient of assistance should never offer to pay the helper for the assistance.

  • The recipient of assistance is always responsible for assessing whether the helper is capable of performing the help in a safe, secure and otherwise satisfactory manner. The helper is always responsible for assessing whether it is safe, secure and otherwise justifiable to provide assistance to the recipient of assistance.

  • Before a user can ask for help, or offer to help others, the user is verified by entering a mobile number, receiving a multi-digit code via SMS and then entering them correctly into the app. Outside of this, Goodify or Goodify's affiliates do not verify users.

  • Professional operators who use the service on their behalf or a group of people are obliged to appear with the name of the company.

  • Professional operators that offer services on a commercial basis currently do not have access to the service and will be deleted without notice. Goodify reserves the right to deny them access to the Service when and if it is made available to such professional players in the future.

  • Goodify will keep track of what verification has been done on users.

  • All users are subject to complete confidentiality in relation to information received about other users through the use of the service. This applies both to direct use of the service and any subsequent dialogue between users outside the service.

Goodify asks all users to act with respect to other users. Use common sense and exercise caution, both when using the App, but also in meeting other users. Goodify wants to target users who genuinely need help and / or users who genuinely want to do something good for others.

Content production

  • The user shall ensure that what is published in the service is appropriate, legal and relevant in relation to the purpose of the service. It is not allowed to publish content that contributes to or encourages criminal acts or is otherwise in violation of Norwegian law, or violates your privacy or copyright. Publishing content in violation of anti-discrimination laws is prohibited. Content published in violation of this paragraph will be deleted or modified without notice.

  • Published content in the service needs to revolve around seeking assistance. Thus, it is not possible to use the Service for the sale of goods or services, nor for the disposal of goods or services (e.g. "given away"). Again, the Service cannot be used for requests for monetary contributions or goods of greater value. Goodify may delete or change content that does not match the purpose of the service without notice.

  • The user has the right to all content that you publish in the service yourself. This includes pictures and text.

  • User cannot copy, distribute, publish or sell information from the Service.

  • Users are encouraged to exercise caution in publishing, including not publishing content that may be offensive, inappropriate, or not in line with the Service's purpose.

Damage and destruction

  • Users are solely responsible for the services and actions they agree to through the Service, and any risk associated with these. This includes having to consider all matters surrounding the mission when entering into an agreement. Our Users are encouraged to exercise caution when using the Service.

  • Goodify is not responsible for any damage or destruction to any items or anything that a user has given access to through another user, through the Service. This responsibility falls solely on the Parties involved and it is the responsibility of each Party to enter into an agreement that is proportionate to the assistance offered.

  • Goodify is not responsible for any damage that may be inflicted on the user directly or indirectly through the use of the Service. This responsibility falls exclusively on the parties involved in the contractual relationship and it is the responsibility of the individual parties to enter into an agreement that is proportionate to the assistance offered.

  • Users are encouraged to contact Goodify if they find that other users are abusing the trust in the Service.

Payment and tax

  • The Goodify service is free and no compensation shall be paid to the other party for the assistance / service received. However, if a user chooses to pay compensation for assistance offered through the Service, this must be organized directly between the Parties. Goodify is not a party in such settlements and does not advise the parties to agree to any compensation, as this is contrary to the purpose of the Service. Good deeds are free.

Features on mobile device

To make the Service as easy and user-friendly as possible to use, we request access to some features of the mobile device. These include:

  • Push notifications. Push notifications on the phone is the preferred alert for relevant requests or conversations one has with other people. It is strongly recommended to activate push notifications, to stay on top of incoming needs as well as incoming calls.

  • Photo Features. The app asks for access to Camera and Photo Gallery to be able to post your own profile picture or attach a photo in missions / conversations.

  • Read SMS. The only information extracted from SMS is the authentication code which is received when logging in with a mobile number. The service then has the option to automatically enter the authentication code (dependant on device), saving the user from entering it manually.

Age limit

The service shall not be used by persons under 16 years of age.

We assume that services that are in demand do not violate Norwegian law, and that work for young people follow Norwegian law and the Labor Inspection Rules. Read more about Youth at Work on the Labor Inspection Authority's website.

Termination of user account or termination of services

Service Providers may change or discontinue any of the services offered at any time without notice.

Service Provider has the right to freely terminate or suspend your account immediately, without notice or liability, for any reason, including if you breach the Terms. Upon termination or suspension of the user account, your right to use the services made available on and in the Goodify app will cease immediately.

Limitation of liability

The services and information made available on and in the Goodify app are offered "as is" without any warranties. The Service Provider and its affiliates cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any damage to things, person, loss of data, or any other loss or expense that may arise from the use of the Service or due to the failure to provide the Service.


Service Provider reserves the right to change or replace these Terms of Use at any time. Updated Terms of Use will be made available at If, in the opinion of the Service Provider, the changes to the Terms of Use constitute a material change to the user's rights or obligations, the changes will be made available on at least 30 days before they take effect.

By continuing to use the service after changes to the Terms of Use are made available on, you agree to be bound by the updated Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the new terms, you must stop using the service.

Service Provider Rights (Goodify)

Service Provider and its services, content (except your User Content), features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Service Provider and its licensors. The service provider is protected by copyright, database rights, trademarks and other laws in both Norway and abroad. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, display, publish or sell any information, software, products or services made available on or in the Goodify app.

Links to other websites

Our service may contain links to third party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by the Service Provider.

Service Provider has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites or services. You acknowledge and agree that the Service Provider shall not be liable or held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on such content, goods or services further available on or through such sites or services.

We encourage you to read the terms and privacy policy of any third party websites or services you visit.

Governing Law

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Norwegian law. Oslo District Court is the right venue for legal conflict.

Contact Goodify

If you have any questions about Goodify, or would like to request correction / deletion, please contact us at